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Green Valley Research and Consulting focuses our practice in four main areas of expertise:

  • Web Design and Maintenance
  • Research
  • Training
  • Business Analytics


Web Design & Maintenance

Medical Advisory Services

We have been helping small businesses, churches and ministries with their websites for over 15 years.  Our philosophy is simple: you get what you want at the level of support you are comfortable with.  In other words, if you want us to help get your website off the ground and then take over it yourself, we can do that.  If you would rather us continue to maintain and update the content as needed, we can do that as well.  Something in the middle? Absolutely. And remember: you don't need an expensive website!

Here are some of our past and present clients:






Market and Competitive Analysis


Companies are sometimes unaware of what their competative environment is.  What does the marketplace look like? How has it changed?  What does the future hold?  Green Valley Research and Consulting can assist you with a comprehensive market analysis of your business.  Who are your customers and who are your competitors?  are they who you think they are?

Employee Screening

Does that propective employee, or your current employees, have a history that could prove detrimental to your business?  Are they involved in potentially dangerous activites?  Do they


have "two lives"?  We can do a thorough search of online and offline activites to help you be informed of the risks and potential areas of concern before they become problems.



Green Valley Research can help individuals and groups with general or specific training in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) as well as other software tools.  Our training can be customized to your needs or you can take one of our standard training classes to get you up-to-speed on how to use these productivity tools.  Training packages available in person or online, depending on your needs, and are very affordable compared with other options.


Business Analysis

How is your business performing?  Are you reaching the right customers?  Are you losing the best customers?  Is your marketing campaign effective?  We can look at your business with an objective eye, doing a "deep dive" into your key measures to see if your company is really performing like you think it is.  We have over five year's experience in business analytics and analysis and can give you a view into your company's performance that you have probably never seen before.

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