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As a locally-owned family business, we specialize in designing, building and maintaining websites for small businesses, churches and ministries as well as training in Microsoft Office and other products.  Our fees are reasonable and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

GVR can also help your business with high-quality research and investigation for a variety of industries and purposes.

  • Market Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Business Analytics
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Corporate Espionage Detection
  • All manner of Research on individuals and companies


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What is Business Analysis?

And why do I need it?

Business Analysis (or BA) can take on a number of flavors, but mostly falls into three distinct areas:

  • Customer/Revenue Analysis
  • Sales Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis


Customer and Revenue Analysis


This is the practice of looking at who your customers are, what they've bought from you in the past, where they are located, and how much you make from them.  This analysis brings together many pieces of data you probably already have in your business system, but does so in a way that gives you insight about who you sell to and what products are the most profitable.  Are your customers mostly middle-class families who prefer generic brands, or white-collar executives who spend more, but with fewer Customersvisits?  Which products make the most profit margin? Could it be your lowest cost items?  Do your customers tend to come from a single geographic or demographic area?  These are questions that when answered, help you to device marketing plans that target your most profitable customer segments.


Sales Analysis

This is similar to Customer and Revenue Analysis, but centers around your products rather than your customers.  Which products sell trendthe best, and when? Are there supply-chain problems? What about turnaround?  Knowing your products and how they perform helps you to know what to carry and in what quantities.





Competitor Analysis

Do you know who your real competitors are?  Do you know who's customers you should be targeting, and whose you should be leaving alone?  A good competitive analysis tells you about your competitors and why your customers go to them instead of you.  It will help you clarify your message and focus your efforts on those customers who are of the highest value to you as well as know which customers you should let go.


We can help you with any or all of these type of analysis at very competitive rates.  Let us know if you are interested.

You Don't need an Expensive Website

Most businesses don't need an expensive website.  I know, that's shocking news coming from a company that develops websites for businesses, but its the truth.  For most small businesses, the website is really just an electronic brochure. It gives prospective customers the information they need to help them make a buying decision.  It will show them information about the company and its products as well as how to contact them.

For this type of site, a simple, but professional, design will accomplish the goals without breaking the bank.  It will be easy to maintain and won't tax your resources.  If you want to have an online store, it adds a level of complexity, but again, most businesses have a limited catelog of products and configurations, making such a site relatively easy to create and maintain.

For example, a hair salon may have a simple, four-page site consisting of:

  • Home/Welcome - An introduction to the company and what they do.
  • Services/Prices - A page showing what services are offered and at what prices
  • Contact Us/Directions - A page showing salon hours, directions, a map and phone number and email addresses for contacting them
  • News - A page of articles pertinent to the business (IE: Latest hairstyles, haircare products, etc)

This type of site could be created and running in just a few short days and would cost less than $500 to create.  The client can then maintain the site themselves, adding, changing and deleting information as needed.

Of course, you might need something more extensive.  In that case, we'll work with you to define your requirements, lay out a functional and professional design and build a framework that will serve you and your customers.

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